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lead the pack in delivering services of the utmost quality.

Creative Services

Our team consists of many of the brightest mind that will develop a campaign which makes you stand tall among the rest. From banner ad design to developing engaging media-rich ad units, we've got you covered.

Yield Optimization

Our programmatic yield optimization strategy and tailored audience segmentation results in maximized ad revenue across display, mobile, video and data.

Campaign Management

When technology meets smart brains and is backed with philosophy stemmed in transparency, the results are win-win for everyone. It is this very approach which ensures every campaign is optimized to the fullest and that ROI is maximized.

Over the course of 6 years we haven’t become good, we’ve become great at what we do – design and digital marketing.

We are experts in Programmatic, and have all the services and technology built around utilizing the power of programmatic buying and selling, that includes the Direct Advertiser and Publisher selling via Private Market Place Deals.

Wondering what motivates us?

VidRule was formed with the sole purpose of boosting your digital marketing campaigns. We have some of the best brainpower from the marketing world, and they all think out-of-the-box. We don’t hesitate to do even the simplest of things differently if we think we can do them better – that’s what sets us apart from competition, our commitment to being unique.

With operations based out of the United Kingdom, we have a team to cover every time zone.

Our seasoned team of media buyers ensure that we get the best inventory from around the globe for your campaigns. And, our campaign optimizers know the nuances of each platform, allowing us to deliver the best ROI for every project.


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