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For Advertisers

Managed Services

No two advertisers are alike, and neither are our solutions. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, we go the extra mile to offer customized services at every stage, whether it be planning and targeting or analysis and reporting. We believe in letting our clients feel in control at all times.


Creative Services

Ideation. Design. Strategy. Implementation. VidRule is a one-stop shop for you as an advertiser. Our team fully understands being different doesn’t always mean being better; this is why our approach is twofold – we aim to be both innovative and ROI-focused to ensure your ads are engaging and deliver higher CTRs.

Media Planning

With a solid footing in technology, we always employ the most sophisticated mechanisms to reach out to your target audiences with your ads in a manner which creates the most impact. Not only do we use predictive targeting to gauge who is interested in your brand, we also strive grow your audience by identifying traits your target audience possesses to uncover an even wider audience base to tap into and draw. Most importantly, we accomplish all of this while ensuring both brand safety and open transparency.

Media Buying

With a steadily growing network around the world and a vast global inventory, our media experts will negotiate the perfect price and placement for your advertisements.

Customized Reporting

We empower our advertisers to track performance in real-time. In addition, our media analysts work hard to develop new tactics to further improve the results of campaigns to deliver above and beyond expectations.

For Agencies

Creative Services

From ideation and design to strategy and implementation, our one-stop shop offers you convenience. In a day and age when being different doesn’t always mean being better, our team takes pride in devising solutions that are both innovative and ROI-focused.


Wall Street Advertising Approach

Why stick to conventional online ad network approach when one can employ a Wall Street model toward advertising space to generate more competitive pricing? A real-time media purchasing space allows both advertisers and those with ad space to sell to strike a win-win situation mutually.

Programmatic Integration

While a real-time approach might be better in some instances, in some cases more of a streamlined autopilot mode is an efficient model. Through programatic integration, you can purchase online ad inventory in an automated manner and serve ads to individuals who are more likely to actually connect with your brand – furthermore, all of this is based on solid data.

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