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Managed Services

Forget the hassle of dealing with multiple ad networks and platforms for each type of media. Instead, work with one entity that conveniently streamlines the entire process across all types of media and offers excellent servicing. We have experienced team that specializes in cross-channel Yield Optimization. We help you to maximize demand opportunities, maximize revenue, maximize ease & minimize unsold inventory.

Benefit from new tech solutions designed in a customized manner to optimize yield, offer control and eliminate risk.


VidRule is the OpenRTB based technology platform that yields results by protecting the most important aspect ‘Brand Value’. The SSP with the hybrid protection of brand safety at both ends. Our automated system, effectively utilized by the team  of smart brains, is always on toes for malware detections to protect you and your site visitors from the notorious malware and adware.  Propane is much more than a vanilla SSP, it’s a Supply Side Hybrid.

Do get in touch with us to understand how it can help you grow your revenue with clean advertising.

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